Wadi Rum in 24 hours

Wadi Rum is known as ‘The desert of Mountains’.  It lies in the south of Jordan and is an area of stunning red and white sand.  Its a place of massive mountains, rising majestically up from the desert sands.  Made famous by British officer T.E. Lawrence, who was based in Wadi Rum during the Great Arab Revolt in 1917-1918,  it was also the setting for the movie, Lawrence of Arabia.

Camel train across the wadi rum
Camel train across the desert
Red Sand and Mountains
Red Sand and Mountains
Vast Deserts

In contrast to the many tourists visiting the region, Wadi Rum is a huge, silent expanse.  It gives you the feeling and impression of isolation. The desert is 1000m above sea level and is flanked by huge sandstone mountains rising a further 500m above that.  Exploring Wadi Rum is done by 4×4 jeep, camel, trekking, or hiking.

Leader of the camel train
Leader of the camel train

Bedouins have been calling Wadi Rum home for many generations.  They live in numerous camps scattered across the desert and welcome tourists.  Here they provide overnight stays under the stars, in this most beautiful of places. The Bedouin very welcoming, hospitable and very proud of their desert. Tents are situated where the tourists meet, to enjoy spicy Beduoin tea, sit and mingle with other travellers.


Spicy tea Bedouin style in wadi rum
Spicy tea Bedouin style
Getting There Is Half The Fun

One can, however, only get to the Wadi Rum visitor centre with their own car or organized tour as there is no public transportation at this time.  Once there, you are greeted at the visitor centre and taken to explore the desert.  You have a choice of 4×4 jeep, camel or on foot to explore the desert.

In the footsteps of Lawrence
In the footsteps of Lawrence
wadi rum

I spent 24 hours in Wadi Rum  Arriving early in the morning, I headed out on a full-day 4×4 drive through the desert. 


Bedouin Camps

Back in my Bedouin camp for sunset and a traditional dinner, I spent a lovely night in a Bedouin tent under the stars.  The accommodation is very basic, but also very clean. 

The Bedouin, by nature of their isolation,  are completely reliant on solar power.  Therefore there is no hot water in the morning for showers. We ate breakfast at the camp, then we headed out with our guides in a 4×4 jeep to continue on our journey.  24 hours just perfect to experience the desert, with great photography opportunities and enjoyable the Bedouin hospitality.Camel Train at Wadi Rum

I found the best option is to purchase a 4 day/3 night Jordan pass prior to visiting Jordan. This includes visa waiver plus free entry to all 40 attractions in Jordan.

A minimum of 3 nights and 4 days is a condition of the Jordan pass.

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