Australian pelicans largest flying bird

Australian pelicans (Pelecanus conspicillatus) are waterbirds. Pelicans make their home in wetlands, waterways, lagoons, swamps, rivers, lakes and coastlines throughout Australia. Australian pelicans are the largest flying birds. Furthermore, living in both fresh and saltwater, they are very adaptable birds. They are very sociable, living in large colonies of up to 40,000 birds. These beautiful birds are one of the largest flying birds in the world. Appearance Australian Pelicans are primarily white with black tips on their wings and tail. […]

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World Monkey Day 2020

December 14th is a day to celebrate all of our “monkey” friends and non-human primates (apes, tarsiers and lemurs).  monkey and primate family tree About Monkeys Monkeys are cute and very entertaining. They have large brains, are highly intelligent and very vocal, making a wide variety of sounds depending on their situation. In addition, they are very humanlike in so many ways. For example, opposing thumbs, use tools (sticks and rocks) to perform many tasks, use leaves to scoop up […]

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