Mana Pools ~ rugged and wild

Mana Pools National Park ~ rugged and wild is one of Zimbabwe’s most remote and least developed safari parks. It is a 220-hectare wildlife conservation area and National Park in Northern Zimbabwe adjoining the mighty Zambezi River. In 2013 Mana Pools was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site. About mana pools It was named Mana Pools due to the Zambezi River’s four large watering holes or pools. Having four water pools provides much-needed water for wildlife and maintains lush green […]

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Save the Elephant Day 2021

Save the Elephant Day 2021 is celebrated on April 16th. A day to honour and raise awareness of these magnificent animals. Furthermore, elephants are the world’s largest land mammal roaming throughout Asia and Africa. Unfortunately, the elephant population has decreased in African and Asian continents by 62% over the past decade. For this reason, elephants could become extinct by the end of the next decade (IUCN RedList of Endangered Species) (IUCN).  Approximately 100 African elephants are poached and killed daily for […]

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World Elephant Day 2020

World Elephant Day is a day to honour elephants, spread awareness about the critical threats elephants face, and support organisations protecting elephants worldwide. Why do we love elephants so much? It is for their intelligence, empathy, loyalty, social and family bonds, and caring for their families. Elephants are one of Africa’s wildlife “Big 5” ~ a big drawcard for tourism to Africa. It is also a great source of income for tourism in Africa by providing many jobs for locals and contributing greatly […]

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