World Monkey Day 2020

December 14th is a day to celebrate all of our “monkey” friends and non-human primates (apes, tarsiers and lemurs).  monkey and primate family tree About Monkeys Monkeys are cute and very entertaining. They have large brains, are highly intelligent and very vocal, making a wide variety of sounds depending on their situation. In addition, they are very humanlike in so many ways. For example, opposing thumbs, use tools (sticks and rocks) to perform many tasks, use leaves to scoop up […]

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World Chimpanzee Day

World Chimpanzee Day 2020

World Chimpanzee Day 2020 is a day to celebrate these amazing animals while raising awareness about the urgent need to protect chimpanzees, both in the wild and in approved safe captivity. It is also a day to learn about chimpanzees, such as their uniqueness, importance, and threats they are facing.  This date is very significant. n July 14th, 1960, Dr Jane Goodall joined the Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania, to study wild chimpanzees. are honouring both Dr Jane Goodall and […]

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