bwindi national park

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Wilderness Safari Photo Competition

Wilderness Safari Conservation The Wilderness Safari Photo competition has been running since 2017. This year’s photo competition raised ZAR200,000 ($18,000AU) for Children in the Wilderness. The donated funds were for Eco-Clubs and Eco-Mentor training. Wilderness Safari has made enormous progress through its ‘life-changing’ journeys to conserve and restore Africa’s Wilderness and wildlife for over 38 years. They have 40 camps spread over seven countries in Africa. Wilderness Safari prides itself in protecting wilderness areas and the flora and fauna they […]

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World Gorilla Day 2020

World gorilla day 2020 is the day to celebrate Gorillas. It is the same day that Dian Fossey established Karisoke Research Centre in 1967.  A few gorilla facts Gorillas are the world’s largest living primates. Besides chimpanzees and bonobos, they are our closest living relatives. In addition, humans share 95 – 98% of DNA with gorillas. Moreover, these unique primates spend much of their lives on the ground. Gorillas are gentle giants and exhibit many human-like behaviours, such as sadness, […]

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