Arnhem Land

Waterlilies ~ quiet jewels of the pond

What are waterlilies Waterlilies ~ are the quiet jewels of the pond. The scientific name for the water lily is “Nymphaea”, originating from the Greek word “nymph”. According to Greek mythology, Nymphaea means a feminine spirit that inhabited water bodies like wells, waterways, and springs.  In fact, the history behind waterlilies dates back thousands of years as they have always been very significant in many cultures worldwide. There are over 50 different species of water lilies that are native to the […]

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Mt Borradaile ~ nature and art paradise

Mt Borradaile (Awunbarna) is a registered Aboriginal sacred site in northwest Arnhem Land, Northern Territory (NT) Australia. The traditional owners and custodians of the land have lived at Mt Borradiale for over 50,000 years. Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris Davidson’s Arnhemland Safari Lodge is located on a 700km² leased land area near Mt Borradaile. Davidsons is the only place to stay when visiting this remote area of Arnhem Land.  The camp was constructed by Max Davidson in 1986. With the permission of the […]

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Bamurru Plains NT

My ‘Outback Australian‘ experience began in early May 2018.  I was attending, a 4-day photography workshop at Wild Bush Luxury Camp.  The camp is situated on the Bamurru plains, a series of wetlands in the Northern Territory (NT).  As a result, this place had been on my bucket list for some time. Bamurru Plains Bamuruu Plains is approximately 1,420 million, in size.  With sparse populations of only 245,000, of which just over 25% are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.  […]

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