Antarctica The White Continent

Whenever I thought about Antarctica, The White Continent, all I could think of was the Drake Passage. Given that the turbulence and drama of the Drake with potential seasickness, cold, unpredictable weather, and endless snow and ice it was at the bottom of my places to-go list !   However, Ole Liodden (scientist, wildlife conservationist and photographer extraordinaire) of WILD PHOTO convinced me otherwise. I decided to go. I signed up for a small ‘photographer only’ expedition with WILDPHOTO.  In reality, the […]

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World Penguin Day 2020

World Penguin Day is celebrated to honour penguins, one of the world’s most unique birds. It coincides with the annual northern migration of the Adelie penguins, which are endemic to Antarctica. Adelie penguins migrate north during the winter in search of food. Then, before summer, Adelie’s return to Antarctica for nesting and breeding season. World Penguin day initiated by the resident scientists working at McMurdo Station, an American research centre on Ross Island. Why do we celebrate World Penguin Day? […]

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