Bamurru Plains NT

My ‘Outback Australian‘ experience began in early May 2018.  I was attending, a 4-day photography workshop at Wild Bush Luxury Camp.  The camp is situated on the Bamurru plains, a series of wetlands in the Northern Territory (NT).  As a result, this place had been on my bucket list for some time.

bamurru plains from the air
Aerial view of Bamurru Plains from the Cessna
Bamurru Plains

Bamuruu Plains is approximately 1,420 million, in size.  With sparse populations of only 245,000, of which just over 25% are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.  Aboriginal Australians arrived in the NT approx. 40,000 years ago.

It is a rugged land.  Very hot, harsh, and humid. It experiences dramatically increased humidity during the wet season of November – April, with the arrival of monsoonal rains, and storms.

Home for Aboriginal Australians,  their rich culture and traditions still exist today. Approx. 80 Aboriginal languages still spoken. Half of the land in NT is owned by the Aboriginal people.  Its capital city is Darwin, and its coastline is 13,500 km long. The NT is also home to stunning world-famous landscapes, such as The Olga’s.  World Heritage sites such as Uluru (Ayres Rock) and Kakadu National Park.  Stunning rock formations, rainforests, waterfalls, billabongs, swamps.

Bamurru Plains Wildlife

More than one-third of Australia’s bird species, rare flowers, plant life, native wildlife, live here.  For example, crocodiles, barramundi, water pythons, wallabies, magpie geese, goannas, frilled-neck lizards, brolgas, jabirus, raptors, and many other birds and wildlife are abundant in the NT.

Aerial view of Bamurru Plains from the Cessna
Aerial view over Bamurru Plains
Wild Bush Luxury Camp

Wild Bush Luxury Camp on Bamurru Plains, a 30-minute flight east of Darwin.  Located on the Mary River flood plains, and just west of Kakadu National Park. It was a very special experience due to its remote location and the abundance of wildlife there. Going at the end of the wet season, the water levels are still reasonably high.  The wetlands are teeming with wading water buffalos a huge amount of wetland birds and thousands of flowering waterlilies stretch off into the distance.  Consequently,  I found it so enchanting and magical.

bamurru plains waterlily
bamurru plains waterlily
bamurru plains
Bamurru plains birds in flight

Arriving at the airstrip, you are greeted by friendly staff who transport you  in open safari vehicles to the camp. A welcome drink and orientation await you on arrival.  We were then taken to our tents to settle in before our first outing on the airboat.

bamurru plains airstrip
Arriving at Bamurru plains airstrip
Isolated Luxury

The large main lodge is very comfortable.  Home to a lounge, open bar, and communal dining table. An expert chef prepares 3 delicious 5-star meals each day, with an incredible variety of fresh food. There are 10 free-standing, very comfortable, and well-appointed luxury tents, 5 on each side of the main lodge.

The walls are partially made of mesh.  This allows the full view of the wetlands, birds, and other wild animals that roam around freely. The en suite bathroom is wood and tin and very inviting.  All rooms have fans and some come with air-conditioner.


Tent bathroom

It is a very ‘switched off’ stay, as there is no phone service, wi-fi, or television. There is a swimming pool and two outdoor lounges.  Waking up each morning to the sounds of the bird calls, and looking out from your bed onto the plains is just incredible.  Seeing and hearing the water buffalo, wallabies, and sounds of the birds in just incredible from your tent, in this case, is unlike anywhere else.

Our days included daily river cruises on airboats for bird and wildlife spotting and photographing.

Arnhem Land

One day we were taken to Arnhem Land to experience the local Aboriginal culture, and meet some of the local artists.  It was an enlightening and memorable experience.

Arnhem Land artists
Arnhem Land artists
Basket Weaving
Basket Weaving

This was a photographer’s dream trip. From the many birds, wildlife,  amazing landscapes, to the wetlands blooming with millions of waterlilies for us to capture.  Daily trips on an airboat meandering the water channels and flood plains.  Enjoying sunrises, sunsets, seeing the wilderness at its best, and everything in between, made this a very special few days.

Rock Painting
Rock Painting
Arnhem Land
Arnhem Land

What did I love the best about Wild Bush Luxury Camp on Bamurru Plains? It is difficult to say, as I loved everything about my 4 incredible days there.  The Lodge, of course, for the impeccable service, exclusive wildlife viewing in the airboats.  Certainly, waking up each day to the sounds of hundreds of birds was enchanting.  The flood plains, the accommodation, knowledgeable guides, millions of flowering waterlilies leads to what was truly unique and special experience.

Airboat on Bamurru Plains wetlands

One that I can highly recommend and I definitely intend to return!

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