Monthly:May 2022

Florentin Tel Aviv~ A hipster neighbourhood

Florentin is an old neighbourhood in south Tel Aviv, Israel. It is very different from other parts of Tel Aviv due to its long and varied history. Furthermore, it is a very eclectic neighbourhood with a mixed population.  It’s comprised mainly of Jewish immigrants, who ran factories and worked as garment traders. Florentin is also rife with poverty, dilapidation, and transient locals who morphed it into what it is today. A vibrant, artsy, youthful, yuppie neighbourhood with much to offer. Florentin is […]

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Israel’s Cat-astrophe

With approximately two million street cats, Israel has a significant cat problem. At the current rate of street cat reproduction, the cat population will overtake the human population in the next few years. The density of street cats in Israel’s cities is one of the highest in the world. It is estimated there are 2,000 cats per km². While cats are great vermin controllers, they are also causing significant damage to wildlife, such as birds, reptiles, lizards, geckos, and mammals.  They […]

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International Leopard Day 2022

Today, May 3rd, 2022, is the annual celebration of International Leopard Day. A day to celebrate leopards (Panthera pardus) while at the same time increasing awareness of their global persecution. Compared to other leopards, the African leopards are the smallest member of the ‘big cat’ family genus panthera (lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar).  Leopards are solitary, shy and elusive. Yet, they are one of the most sought-after animals globally, while at the same time, the most persecuted. Sadly, they are now extinct in […]

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